about me

heya im nyla (or lala) bisexual libra esfjt black she they minor 5w6 taken neutral kpop spotify ^^

CONTACT!! twitter tumblr youtube main crd discord server


BEFORE YOU INTERACT 1. main/priv. 2. i prefer the name nyla. i am a minor. 3. please use my pronouns correctly. make sure to use tonetags while chatting w me. 4. i dislike idols like bp, loona, mamamoo and more. 5. i solo stan. on my twt, i make sure people i know follow me. i joke flirt a lot and i say kys and die. i'm also very annoying sometimes. i am black.

DONT INTERACT IF 1. 10- 18+ if we are not friends/moots. 2. a bp stan. 3. homophobes, racists. gore, nsfw and more. 4. you speak over blacks and desis. white /hj. 5. you stan people like mamamoo, loona. anti of bts. uses slurs. you stan omg.

REQUESTING CARRDS 1. yes, i am now making carrds for people! if you want, you can get one. 2. if its short then, free. if its at least 30 minutes, it would be five dollars nitro. and if its more than an hour it will be 10 dollars nitro! thank you! ^^

MORE 1. carrds will take up no more than three days to finish. if you try to copy my carrds WITHOUT my permission, i will expose you on my youtube channel or anywhere else if i can. 2. spam for carrd = block. :)


ults bts yoongi jin hoseok stayc sieun twice tzuyu nayeon txt soobin itzy ryujin nct doyoung kep1er bahiyyih wjsn yeoreum

k-drama a love so beautiful cinderella and the four knights a little thing called first love hospital playlist

kpop twice bts txt stayc itzy nct kep1er wjsn

friends (lalas loves!!) finn the loml, francis my bff, andrea, leanna, lexie, gray, percy, nyoshi, leo, val, dm to be added